Shackleton Crater

Session 1

It is August 20th, 2042. PanCorp has spent the past two years establishing the first permanent base on the moon at Shackleton Crater at the south pole using robots and the first crew of scientists and PanCorp officials have been working to make the base functional over the past two months. Construction continues on the greenhouse and mining activities are making progress. The second instalment of crew is due to arrive later today on the Shuttle ‘James Clark’. Crew compliment on board are Biologist Katrine Duallier, Geologist Marcus Fry, PanCorp observers Cristine Ohlendorf and Victor J. Upi and a representative from Martech (Heavy Industrial division of PanCorp). The shuttle will be landing about 500 metres from the base and disembark at that point.

Dr. Tyson Cole is observing a star that went supernova taking notes.
Borris is working in the vehicular bay on his rover.


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